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Insecure 15-Year-Old Cyberbully Unmasked As Mastermind of Trump’s Campaign

Donald Trump we know.  His whirlwind 2015 captivated the nation as he metastasized from punch-line, to unexpected Republican front-runner, to holy shit, he might actually win the Republican nomination.  Trump’s secret weapon, Spencer Braden Thomas, III, aged 15, is more of an unknown.

Last May, Thomas was kicked out of Freshfields Academy, an elite private boarding school in New Hampshire. Today, he’s Trump’s chief policy advisor and in charge of the campaign’s messaging. Trump may come off as unscripted, but not a word comes out of Trump’s mouth without Thomas’s say so.

Freshfields Academy officials and students were unwilling to speak on the record about the former student.  Officials from the school, however, made it clear that he wasn’t expelled because of his academic performance.  While official records were unavailable, the general consensus among current students at the academy was that he was expelled because of his incessant cyber bullying.  “Yeah, he was just kind of an asshole,” said one student.  “If he didn’t like a person or a teacher, he would just send a tweet calling that person an idiot or a loser or a disaster.”  Said another, “he was just so insecure, if he felt challenged or attacked, he would just resort to name calling.  We all just thought he was really pathetic.”

Another student remembered Thomas as more of an amusement, “he was just so weird, he would walk around talking about how great and awesome he was at everything. I mean, I guess he was really good at talking about himself.”  One student not so fondly recalled his habit of explaining to anybody who would listen how much money he had: “he would always talk about how successful he was and how awesome he is because he made huge amounts of money, but we were all like, dude, what are you talking about, you’re dad is loaded.  you got all the money from him.”

A recent Freshfields Academy graduate attempted to put the cyber bullying in context, “it’s like most people learn when they are four or five that it’s not nice or helpful to make fun of people, but it’s like nobody ever taught Thomas how to play with other kids.”  One student put it another way.  “Thomas says all the things that a functioning adult shouldn’t say.  Like you can’t go into a restaurant and call the waiter an idiot and a loser because he took too long to take your order.  You can’t function in the world acting like that.”

All agreed that the last straw came when Thomas lashed out at a female teacher for taking a bathroom break while proctoring an exam:  “it was just so weird, he sent a tweet after the exam that said we all know what Ms. Schenesy was doing during that break, and it was disgusting.  I guess the school just kinda got fed up.  Whatever, it wasn’t like anybody liked him.  He did have really cool stuff, though.”

After his expulsion, Thomas quickly linked up with the Trump campaign through his father’s contacts.  Since then, Thomas, and Trump have been inseparable.  Thomas is not only at the reigns of Trump’s infamous twitter account, he also advises Trump on nearly all policy matters.  Trump had high praise for mostly himself but also his protege: “People always say I have the best eye for talent.  Thomas is on my team because he’s got amazing talent.”

Trump’s policy proposals and tweets seem like they are conceived by a pubescent cyberbully because they are.  Take Trump’s recent salvo at Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, linking her  husband with admitted rapist Bill Cosby.  When asked if that comparison was fair, Thomas replied in a manner befitting a 15-year old trying to deflect responsibility:  “and how is that my problem.”  Trump echoed those comments later on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace when asked about the comparison:  “you tell me.”

Students at Freshfield’s were hardly surprised when told of Thomas’s position in the Trump campaign.  “Makes so much sense, i knew there was something familiar about Trump’s tweets,” said one student, shrugging.  Another student seemed more disturbed:  “it’s sad, Thomas got kicked out of school because you can’t just be an incessant asshole 100% of the time without consequences.  It’s like supposedly really bad and wrong, and then he does the same things for Trump and the guy is applauded around the country.  What the fuck.  I mean really, what the fuck.”

Before walking away, the student imparted one final bit of wisdom:  “I guess more is expected of a High School student.”


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