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Boy Meets Mets

I’ve been a Yankees fan for as long as I can remember. Which, really, is since 1994. My whole family were Mets fans growing up, and I was difficult. Also, I was probably bandwagoning. After years in the wilderness, the Yankees got really good in 1994, laying the groundwork for the title teams of the late 90s.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started to notice just how much Yankees fans suck. And the culture around the Yankees sucks. It’s corporate. It’s joyless. It’s disingenuous. It’s entitled. It’s overbearing. It’s entitled. It’s manicured. It’s insufferable. It’s entitled. And where’s the fun in expecting to win?

Since the clubs’ new stadiums opened in 2009, I’ve probably been to Citi Field about 10 times and “Yankee Stadium” just once. And I think the Yankees were playing the Mets. Citi Field is just better. The atmosphere is great, and the fans are real and scrappy and pleasant and entertaining. The last of my Yankee idols from the Halcyon days of the 90s, Mo and Derek, are gone, and with them seemingly (hopefully?) my emotional ties to the Yankees. Earlier this year, I began asking Mets fans if they would accept me if I switched. I’m not much of a baseball fan period, but being a Mets fan, win or lose, just seems like a better gig, among better company.

But now the Mets are good! Better than the Yankees! They might win the World Series, and they have a stunning young rotation. Daniel Murphy may be a tiiiny bit homophobic, but he’s also adorable, and is probably on A-Rod-Playoff-Only Steroids which for some reason I enjoy immensely. For heaven’s sake, Wilmer Flores cried on the field when he thought he was getting traded!

I feel lame coming out as a Mets fan now, because they are so awesome. I’m bandwagoning again. And maybe when the Mets suck, I’ll become a Yankees fan. Maybe my emotional ties are stronger to the Yankees than I think, and I won’t actually be able to embrace the Mets. Maybe it will cause a crisis of identity, and I’ll have to renege. Can my allegiance truly change? The heart is fickle.

But I have to try. I want to believe I’m better than that (that=Yankees Fan). And also, it’s great seeing entitled, insufferable Yankees fans suffer themselves. Schadenfreude! Mets fans, I hope you’ll come to accept me as one of you.

Let’s Go Mets!

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2 Responses

  1. alan handell says:

    Enjoyed the column but you used “entitled” three times, twice in one sentence. Also tiiny? (sic) Slightly(??) homophobic? I would like one of you to write about the Ranger hockey team.

    • Matt Conan says:

      Stylistic Choices! Yankees fans can just be really entitled, and it warranted extreme emphasis. I used it 4 times actually, and 3 in the midst of one list (although the list is actually 9 sentences). And tiiiny, not tiiny 🙂

      Thanks for reading! And I’m not sure we really know enough to post about the Rangers, any good leads?

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