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20 years of kobe

baby kobe’s turnaround over jordan, his dumb as fuck 360 with a trailing defender, the alley oop to shaq, kobe’s double nickel in his final game against jordanthe wild jumper against the jazz (@ 2:17) and the knicks baseline dunk in 2003, the timberwolves dunk in 2003 playoffs, hell, all the kobe top 10 dunks in 03the blazers 3s in 2004 for the top seed, the crazy layup against the rockets in 04, the pistons 3 in 2004 finals to send the game to OT, the howard tea-bag dunk in 04, the mavs 3 in early december of 05 (not the 62 point game), the crazy fast break layup, which wasn’t really a fast break but was kobe attacking 3 mavs defenders in the 62 point game, the end of 3rd quarter dunk in the 81 point game, the whose the real mvp nash dunk, the suns buzzer beaters, the portland 3s in 07, the self tap off a missed free throw into a corner three to send rockets game to OT in 07, a troika of shots in the 4th quarter in game 5 against the spurs in ’08 with doug collins saying that’s not fair, his step through against the knicks in ’09, the nuggets closeout in ’09 game 6, the alvin gentry butt tap in 2010 that put LA in the finals, the kobe buzzer beater i think against the kings, when he responded like he was sick of having to hit game winning shots, and then the josh smith dunk in 13.  his dunks in the 2009 all star game.  also, either his layup/floater against the magic or the suns where he shifts the direction of the ball like 4 times in the air and of course him jumping up and down at the end of the magic title, and him chasing down the ball at the end of the celtics title

the sportscenter commercials with keyshawn, the mcdonalds commercial, the just like mike sportscenter commercial, the aston martin, ankle insurance, lil dez.  also, for good measure, kobe being treated like a god on inside the nba, and kenny jumping the aston martin, and the raja bell postgame press conferences

i will continue to add links throughout the  day as i find/think of them

update: holy shit, how did i forget the genius campaign: einstein, da vinci, washington carver, mozart

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